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Oso Fresh Soap owns all the copyright rights in the text, images, photos, videos, audio, and other content provided in the Services, selection and uses of the content (by us or by you) to the full extent of the United States copyright laws. Except as expressly provided in this Agreement, you are prohibited from copying, reproducing, modifying, distributing, displaying, or transmitting any of the contents of the Services for any purpose, and nothing otherwise stated or implied confers the right do so. 

You may use the Services and the contents contained in the Services solely for your own individual non-commercial or informational purposes only. Any other use, including for commercial purposes, is prohibited without prior expressed written consent. 

Liability/Risk Disclaimer

Oso Fresh Soap uses natural products obtained from other vendors. All ingredients are listed in each product page. While Oso Fresh Soap caters to many individuals, certain reactions to products listed are not known to Oso Fresh Soap. Use at your own risk. You are aware of your own personal medical history and any questions about products can be obtained by contacting Oso Fresh Soap through e-mail, or any social media channel listed. Oso Fresh Soap is not liable for any adverse reaction to the products or views offered, and all products are tested before use. 

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