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Get some Coal in your stocking this year!

Can you believe the end of the year 2021 is already at a close. It seems like yesterday I was shopping for Xmas gifts for my kids wondering what they would like this year and a year later seeing them playing with NONE of it! Frustrating. I can't be too mad at them however, in a world of technology and convenience, it is no wonder kids aren't as fascinated by toys as we used to be. Regardless, makes you want to just say F*$K IT and get myself something extra.

This year for the business has been quite a long one, but very encouraging indeed. When looking back at all the love and support it is hard to believe so many of you have shared your daily lives with this product that I truly care about. Oso Fresh Soap is so much more to me than just soap, it is relaxing and every batch seems to turn into a little science experiment to fulfill all the childhood "mad scientist" dreams I had. So thank you. Thank you for allowing me to indulge.

Speaking of indulgence, looking over the numbers it is clear to see that the Abyss has

Abyss - Activated Charcoal Bar
2021 #1 Seller

stayed on top of the leaderboards and swept the competition. People aren't getting enough of the Activated Charcoal soap and for good reason. It is great for your skin, and all sensitive skin types. This year at the markets I have sold over 500+ bars of the Abyss making this a truly special feat for me as I would not have guessed it surpassed all others by over 200+ bars sold. That's a lot of soap. I personally love this bar as it was the very first one I wanted to make and it took some time to get the "formula" right as far as how I wanted it to smell, but I am very pleased with the result and apparently, so are you.

So when looking at giving a gift this year or any time of the year, look no further than this great bar made from all-natural ingredients and backed by so many supporters. Since this is around Christmas time when I am writing this post, I urge you to consider adding a little coal in your stocking this year, to shop local and shop small. It means everything to me and I hope you come to find that it can make a world of difference for you.

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