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Why Use Bar Soap?

Updated: Mar 3, 2021

You stroll through the soap aisle at your local grocery store, and all you see is body wash. I mean, peering down all the way to the bottom of the shelf for bar soap is just beneath us as human beings (/s).

Attention Shopper!

If you don't know already, a lot of science and analytics goes into the grocery store outlets to be able to maximize basket/cart size and ultimately higher register rings. I worked in retail for over a decade in sales and marketing, and these stores do everything they can to make it easier for you to shop and easier for them to trick you.

Everyone knows already about the middle shelf but if you don't then keep reading. Retailers will keep higher end or more mainstream products in the middle shelf or about eye level. Not only are these products there to grab your attention, but the store gets a higher profit off of them in most cases too! Think about it though, the essential items you need are not in the front, they sit at the furthest end of the store to get you to walk through the aisles. You could simply perimeter shop but they figured that out too, that is why you see all the big displays with big signs and flashy colors (we will come back to this later). Impulse buys are practically the only thing grocery stores target when every shopper walks in the door. It will even get to the point where the store will take a loss or risk on particular items just to get you to walk in the door, and they will always take that bet. These are called loss leaders. Understanding the games stores will play with your mind, will help you come out on top in most cases.

Is soap different?

I digress. Soap is no different. Stooping down to grab bar soap is not ideal. While I would not advocate for commercial bar soap, I do believe it is easier and more convenient for a consumer to grab a body wash than a bar soap any day.

Listen I totally get it. Body wash is convenient, it comes in all sorts of fragrances and readily available just about anywhere. The idea of a bar soap being used on your face when you use it on the rest of your body seems gross, and that would be true.... if it weren’t soap. You see I don’t know anyone that straight up goes from butt to face (body wash or bar soap), and should they, I mean who am I to tell people how to live their life. In a world of convenience it seems more logical, but we live in a world today where people are starting to care more about what goes in and on their bodies. YOU SHOULD TOO !!!

Make the switch to natural bar soap!

Body wash is nothing more than detergent for the skin, and detergent does not get rid of grime underneath the skin. Think about this, in the midst of COVID-19 it is highly recommended (and proven) that soap and water are more effective and the preferred option to clean your hands than hand sanitizer. In a pinch or on the go, hand sanitizer is more readily available and does not require water, so it has its uses. So let's be honest here... How much do you truly understand about the ingredients of body wash or even commercial soap? How much can you even pronounce? Me neither.

One thing I pride myself in is knowing what I am putting into each bar/batch of soap here at Oso Fresh Soap. I use these ingredients all the time. Now some people will question the use of Lye, but soap can not be soap without lye. Obtaining a true bar of soap requires it. When the product is made and (most importantly) cured 4+ weeks, absolutely zero (0) amount of lye remains. Science is fun! The chemical reaction with the oils/butters is called saponification and it is necessary to reach the final product. So why? Why Oso Fresh Soap? It is eco-friendly. It is made from natural ingredients. It is something you should use if you care enough about your skin to want to treat it daily, without the use of (x) amount of other products. Oso Fresh Soap moisturizes, helps dry skin, can exfoliate, and help you feel better about yourself knowing that you are treating your body right.

What is Oso Fresh Soap?

So what makes Oso Fresh Soap different from other "all-natural soaps"? For starters, most of the newer soap promote as "vegan" and while we have no issue with this, we stand by the use of Goat Milk as a great moisturizer for skin, which is a main goal for us to create a premium bar of soap. Every bar is made with goat milk and our bars are usually bigger than most other bars. Though it may not be by much, we strive for a full 4.5oz bar every batch. Due to the handmade nature of the soap and the pour, it is difficult to hit this exact number every batch, but we're getting better! Here is the part where we bring up the aforementioned flashy colors and big signs. Most other handmade soaps will go all out to create a whimsical bar with flakes and high peaks to create a truly stunning looking bar. We just don't care about that sort of flash, so we focus on the quality of the bar itself as a moisturizing bar to be used, not as a decoration piece. We use absolutely NO PALM OIL whatsoever! That is huge for us because it is a cheap oil used to create harder bars and the sourcing is hardly sustainable at that, no matter what they say! Oso Fresh Soap is geared to bring in consumers who care about skin based on the product, not the packaging. While I know, not everyone will be sold at the idea of paying $6 a bar for soap, it sure beats paying $3 + $5 + $10 for the full regimen to keep your skin looking great. If we can help reduce the amount you spend on a daily regimen by cutting at least one extra bottle from your shelf, we will feel better about that. We aren't eco maniacs, but this bar is absolutely zero-waste and that is truly something we are proud of.

If we didn't convince you enough yet to make the switch, or to try us out, then read it again! If we did, then let us know what made the difference for you! As always, thank you for reading and hopefully you at least learned a thing or two today.

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